Apple Picking Outing

Some of our brothers and pledges went apple picking at Whittier Apple Farms this weekend! We all had a lot of fun!

Pledge Class 128!

The Xi Zeta Chapter would like to welcome Pledge Class 128 to the chapter, as they begin the pledge process! Congratulations to Austin Enriquez, Lynelle Bozett, Stephen Rinaldo, Rebecca Murray, John DeBrino, Nathan Sugarman, Sam Finston, Jimmy Agresta (Not Pictured), and Colin Mellett (Not Pictured) for starting the pledge process!


Alia and her little Lynelle


Anna and her little Rebecca


Brian and his little Nathan


Dallas and her little Jimmy


Ian and his little Stephen


Jim and his little Colin


Noah and his little Sam


Rachel and her little John


Hazzard Line


Latham Line


Master Line


Shah Line


Smith Line

Fall 2016 Rush

Come check out our rush events this week and find out more about our wonderful organization!

Big-Little Pairs and Family Photos

Forbes FamilySanta FamilyShaw FamilySnyder FamilyAJ + DallasAlexis + JasonMev + OrrestaIan + JonBrian + Coogan

Broomball 2016

It's broomball season again! Congradualtion! Engineering House got the first place.

Welcoming our hard-working Broomball Team!! Brother Karwacki, Brother Surtel, Brother Hogue, Brother Wolf, Brother Coren, Brother Narvaez, Brother Warren, Brotehr Hedger, Brother DeCourcey and Brother Wager! And thank Brother Ganimian and Brother Parker for nice back-up! And special thanks for DJs, Brother Plumadore and Brother McMahon. Good job! And all the brothers who came out and helped.

Many thanks to the people who showed up and supported us. Also, it is pleasure to have 5 awesome teams playing in the game. They are Mu Lambda Chapter team, Bandamonium, Photo Science House, the Coyotes, and Riot Brooming. Let's wait for the bruise disappears and see you guys next year!


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