Doughnut Runs

Doughnut runs began in 1981 during the spring finals week when Christopher Hurley decided to bring some happiness to fellow brothers in their distress. He had heard of the idea of the doughnut run from his Little Brother, Roy Saucier, who had recently transferred to the Mu Omicron chapter at Clarkson University. Now, doughnut runs are started by a small group of brothers at any time of the day or night. The only rule is that if a brother knocks on a door with a doughnut, the second brother must open the door and accept a doughnut. He/she is then invited to join the band and continue to doughnut run other brothers.

The tradition lapsed in the early 2000s, but was reactivated in the spring of 2009.

Broomball Tournament

The Xi Zeta Chapter has been hosting a Broomball Tournament since the 1970’s. The tournament provided an opportunity for students to warm up on cold winter nights. Social fraternities, RIT organizations, and other APO chapters would register for the tournament. The tournament used to run a 64-team tournament over three nights, starting on Thursday nights and continuing through the weekend. More recently, the chapter has run a 10-12 team tournament as a one night event. After the event, brothers would eat at the Perkins Restaurant. More recently, brothers have eaten at Jay’s Diner after the conclusion of the tournament.



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